Application architecture for Next.js App Router apps

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Tired of starting new Next.js apps with a spaghetti codebase? Nexar is here to help! It's a modular and layered application architecture designed specifically for building monolithic full-stack apps with the new Next.js App Router.

Why Nexar?

  • Faster development: Build and deploy your apps quicker than ever with a well-organized yet straightforward structure.
  • Scalability: Don't fear growth—Nexar's architecture seamlessly scales to dozens of modules/features.
  • Improved collaboration and DX: Clear conventions streamline communication and ensure everyone's on the same page, improving your team's developer experience.
  • Reduced overhead: Forget spending time crafting your own architecture—Nexar provides a proven blueprint.

Inspired by industry best practices, Nexar is minimalistic and pragmatic, offering powerful benefits without unnecessary complexity.

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Build scalable, maintainable, and well-organized monolith codebases with Nexar—the architecture for your next Next.js App Router MVPs. Say goodbye to spaghetti code!

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